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Replacement Guarantee

 Tree Patch tree replacement guarantee is subject to the following conditions....

  1. Your Tree Patch bill will indicate whether your trees are covered by our replacement guarantee and will indicate the term of the guarantee.  If the bill does not mention a replacement guarantee then your trees are not covered.  


  2. In general, Tree Patch offers a one year guarantee for trees grown on our farms and transplanted with one of our tree spades directly to and installed on your property.  We do not guarantee trees that are B&B (balled & burlaped), containers, or wire baskets even if they are installed with our tree spades. However, exceptions are possible, and must be agreed upon prior to tree installation and documented on the final bill issued by Tree Patch.


  3. Tree Patch reserves the right to cancel a customer's replacement warrantee on all purchased trees if the customer fails to make payment in accordance with the agreed upon terms written or verbal.  No trees will be replaced until the account is in good standing.


  4. To qualify for tree replacement, your tree must be completely dead, for example, no remaining living branches.  Final determination will be made by Tree Patch personnel. 


  5. The Tree Patch is not responsible to replace a tree if it is found to have died from any of the following causes:
         a.  Lack of water or over watering.
         b.  Mechanical damage (mowers, trimmers, vehicles, etc)
         c.  Animal, insect or disease damage.
         d.  Acts of nature.
         e.  Fire, flood, erosion, vandalism or theft.
         f.  Herbicide or other poisons.


  6. The Tree Patch will make every effort to replace your tree with a like size and type tree.  However, if this is not possible due to availability, Tree Patch reserves the right to replace the tree with a smaller size and/or similar type tree of our choosing.


  7. Tree Patch will replace a tree once.  We make no warrantee to replace the replacement.


  8. The Tree Patch does not offer a replacement guarantee on customer owned trees relocated on a customer's property or to a third party.

We have built our business based on nearly 30+ years of satisfied customers.

Thanks again for choosing Tree Patch for your landscaping needs.