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Contact Info

Thank you for visiting our Web site.      Please feel free to contact us for more information or an estimate. 

Give us a call to discuss your next landscape project.  We always strive to provide the largest trees possible within your budget.  

We offer a great selection of small, medium and large trees locally grown on KS and MO farms.  In addition to growing our own trees we have networked with tree farms in Johnson Co, KS in order to bring our customers an unmatched selection of top quality trees.   So, whether you are in rural NW Missouri, NE Kansas, North of the river KC, or in Southern Johnson County Kansas we have great trees just minutes away. 

Phone (816) 583 - 7355
Fax (816) 583 - 4484


Mailing Address /  Farm Location: 
Tree Patch Inc
137 NW Millcreek Drive, Hamilton MO 64644

Please include phone contact information in your email.  Additionally, for a more accurate estimate please include a ballpark project budget, tree type, size & quantity as well as the installation address.  Thank you.

Installation Service Area


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