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Marking your underground utilities...

    Before we can start the tree installation process we must ensure that holes on your property do not interfere with any underground utilities, like electric, telephone, fiber optic, water, and sewage lines.  To accomplish this we utilize the Missouri One Call System .  In the past the property owners were required to make this call, however, recent changes allow the company doing the digging to setup the marking/locating of applicable utilities.  So we will need to collect some information from you, the customer, in order to pass along to Dig-Rite.

For questions please contact.....

Missouri One Call System Dig Rite  1 - 800 DIG - RITE

Kansas One Call System Dig Rite 1 - 800 DIG - SAFE


Information we need to process the request:
(We can take this info over the phone)

Customer Name & Phone

County, Town

Where the property is within city limits or not?

Dig Street Address of site where tree are to be planted

Nearest Street Intersecting the Dig Street

What side of the road is the work on?  N  S  E  W

Is the Entire Job within 1 block of this intersection?
If not how far?  1/8mi  1/2mi    & Direction  N S E W

If the site is outside town boundaries, how far off the road will cover the entire job?  ft or yds

General location of the trees to be installed or moved...  ie front of house or backyard, etc.


Or if you prefer click the link below and print the .pdf form for submission to us or directly to DigRite.

Click Here to view the telephone request form   
(Requires Adobe Acrobat)

Color Code Chart 




Once your lines are marked please contact us to schedule an installation date for your trees.

Ron & Sandy Diven

Phone (816) 583-7355 | Email Diven@treepatch.com