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Frequently Asked Questions
How big a tree can you move or install?  

We can move trees up to 12" inches diameter with our large treespade.  For example, a ten inch diameter maple is around 35 ft tall.

When is the best time of year to install a tree?  

With our line of treespades we successfully move trees year around.  We have a survival rate of 98% and rarely have to replace trees for our customers. We can do this because our treespades transplant far more soil and intact roots.  This means less transplant shock and greater survivability.   If you are installing small pre-dug trees in containers or wrapped in burlap and in wire baskets generally fall or spring is best time.

How much dirt and roots are moved with your large spade?  

We move trees with 10,000 lbs of undisturbed roots and soil.  The hole is 90" across and 6 ft deep. This is the key to our excellent survivability.

Can your equipment cross my sidewalk without breaking it?  

We employ an effective system of hard plastic mats which evenly distribute the weight of our trucks  (see below) when crossing sidewalks and driveways.  We can also use these mats to avoid tracking or cutting ruts on  lawns.  We generally cover short distances for no extra  charge, longer distances might incur a charge.

When the utility marking company marks my property what is NOT marked?

The water and sewer lines from the main to the house.  Cable TV.  Irrigation systems. Invisible pet fences. Landscape lighting wires.  The property owner is responsible for the location of these items.

How much does it cost to move a tree?

Pricing depends are several variables, for example:  type, size, and quantity of the trees, distance to move trees, jobsite and digging conditions, distance to your jobsite, etc.

Do you grow your own trees?  

Yes we do.  We have been planting and growing trees to maturity since 1976.  All our trees are field grown locally.  We also network with other local tree farms to supplement our inventory in order to offer our customers a wide selection of #1 grade trees.

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