Treegator´┐Ż portable drip irrigation systems

20 Gal Tree Gator

Units in 2 size capacities (20 and 14 gal.)

  • Ideal for vacations and daily use
  • Step-by-Step directions
  • Automatically waters 
  • Lets soil dry out between waterings
  • 100% water absorption
  • Reduces transplant stress
  • Cuts watering frequency in half
  • Reduces time spent at tree
  • Maintenance free design


14 Gal Tree Gator Jr 

The Treegator´┐Ż portable drip irrigation system slowly delivers 14-20 gallons of water directly to your trees' root system over an approximate 6-12 hour time period.  This allows for deep water saturation that keeps your trees healthy and green, while reducing watering frequency.

The Tree Patch is proud to be a supplier of this great product.  Many of our customers have used the Treegator watering system to help their trees survive the Midwest's hot, dry summertime weather.